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Indoor Air Quality


Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Atlanta

GB Services Heating & Air Conditioning has 19 years of experience helping customers in the Atlanta area improve the indoor air quality in their home or commercial establishment. Our approach to indoor air quality solutions is comprehensive and includes quality products, excellent service and reasonable prices.

One way to improve the indoor air quality of your home or business is by periodically cleaning and sealing the ductwork in your heating and cooling system. Over time, indoor pollutants such as carpet fibers, dust and mites can build up in the ductwork. Air flowing through the ductwork picks up these pollutants and distributes them throughout the system. This can create an unhealthy environment for your family and employees.

The experienced technicians at GB Services Heating & Air Conditioning will vacuum out these pollutants and will sanitize and deodorize all of the components in your HVAC system. They will also inspect your ventilation system and air intake sources to see whether your air exchange rate is correct. If the exchange rate is too high, heated or cooled air is escaping outdoors. If the exchange rate is too low, not enough fresh air is coming into your home or business and gases such as carbon monoxide can build up. This can lead to headaches and nausea for those breathing the poisonous indoor air.

The indoor air quality of your home or business can be diminished by cleaning products, air fresheners, cosmetics and aerosols. Our line of indoor air quality products will reduce or eliminate the harmful impurities created by using these every-day items. A room air purifier or whole-system air purifier will improve indoor air quality, making it easier for your family or employees to breath. Our selection of air purifiers includes electronic air purifiers, mechanical air purifiers and ultraviolet air purifiers.

The air quality technicians at GB Services Heating & Air Conditioning have a wealth of experience in creating a healthy indoor environment for Atlanta residential and commercial customers, helping them breathe easier and attain a higher level of comfort and protection.